Bags of Hope

bags_of_hope3Better known as Care (or Blessing) Packages, these packs can serve multiple purposes in survival situations, and can come in different sizes and containers. But, let’s keep it simple here. Simple supplies in a simple self-closing gallon-sized bag. Most, if not all, items can be purchased at a Dollar Store, making the cost minimal.

The top three reasons I can see keeping these on hand:
1) Bartering.  Need a haircut? Give them 1 or 2 bags in exchange. Craving some comfort food and heard your neighbor down the street makes wonderful cookies? Or how about the guy who came to your rescue and you have nothing to give him but a Bag of Hope as a thank you. Even this can be considered bartering.

2) In a dire situation. Let’s face it, in times of great distress, desperate people will be out and about looking for “free hand-outs.” In non-threatening or threatening situations, it’s good to be prepared either way.

3) As a part of your own survival pack! Keep a stash of these in your trunk to have on hand for situations 1 & 2 above or if you should need one sometime for yourself.

The following is a list of items you can place in your Bag of Hope. Obviously, you won’t want to include all of them, but choose what works for you. Remember, most or all of these can be purchased at a Dollar Store. Travel sizes work best as they don’t take up much room.

  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • comb
  • adhesive bandages
  • chapstick
  • wipes
  • socks
  • package of cheese crackers (not peanut butter due to allergies)
  • granola bar
  • bottle of water
  • individual Goldfish package
  • pack of tissues
  • plastic utensils, wrapped
  • individual cup of fruit or veggie
  • small bottle sanitizer
  • first aid antibiotic ointment
  • individual pack of tuna or soup
  • travel-size deodorant
  • travel-size shampoo
  • little flashlight
  • travel-size lotion
  • mylar blanket packet
  • gum / mints
  • $5 bill
  • small Bible or other words of encouragement


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