God’s Building a New Ark, Part 2

boston_marathonLook at what’s happening in the world today. The world we live in is, by high degree, in a state of unrest which will most likely NOT get better, only worse.  We will always remember the horrific events of 9/11, Oklahoma City bombing, the Boston Marathon, the devastation of hurricane Katrina or Moore, Oklahoma, an increase of all natural disasters (including devastating fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. in “diverse places”,) the on-going threat of pandemic viruses, and the fear of an economic collapse or EMP catastrophe. And this is just in the United States! The world offers other horrific events that has already reached our shores and the heartland of America. And this is only the beginning!

After horrific events and incredible devastation, we always seem to come together, pick ourselves up and dust ourselves. But soon after the dust settles and the rebuilding has finished, we go on with our lives, settling back into our daily routines and a state of complacency; believing “it could never happen to me”. But, history has proven that disasters (natural or man-made) are a reality and can happen at any time or any place. Natural occurrences such as tornados or earthquakes are showing up in areas that we have never seen before and in greater frequency. Would you or your kids know what to do if disaster strikes or for an epidemic to break out where the government asks for all events be cancelled and everyone stay in their homes? Believe it or not, it has already happened and can happen again! Don’t be foolish and hide your head in the sand, saying it’ll never happen to us. Anything is possible! Anything!

Article continued: God is Building a New Ark, Pt. 3

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