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closetFor a lot of people, there’s no problem storing prepping items. Some have relatively empty basements and others might have extra, unused bedrooms or closets. Some might even have paid storage units that they can easily access. For others who live in apartments or just don’t have a lot of extra space, it could be a challenge. This calls for some brain-storming and creative thinking. Below are some suggestions for storing all your prepping items.

Consider this first…
When storing items, always think about the possible scenario of having to evacuate quickly.  Store like-items in easy-to-carry containers, boxes, soft luggage, backpacks, or something similar. Your items might include packets of long-storage dehydrated or freeze-dried foods, OTC drugs, extra clothing, personal items, etc. This is different from a bug-out bag where you place many different items into one pack to get you through 48-72 hours or more and is kept in your car or near an exit in your house to “grab and go.”

1) Closets: when was the last time you cleaned one out? You might be surprised how much extra space you can create!
2) Look at your garage. A cabinet or upper “attic” area? Avoid storing items sensitive to excessive heat or cold. Also, tightly seal any food or other items that might attract critters.
3) Even smaller, unexpected areas will work. An ottoman with inside storage area or decorative baskets. A piano bench or curio cabinet. Don’t forget the floor or an upper shelf in your closet.travel1
4) If you don’t travel often, fill up empty suitcases.
5) Build a coffee table or end table by stacking boxes and cover with a cloth.
6) Don’t forget about under the bed. Either purchase some of the specially made plastic storage bins for under the bed or just use plastic bags or smaller boxes.
7) An old file cabinet sitting around? You might be able to create some space there.
8) Think vertical. Instead of spreading “out”, store upward. Stack boxes on top of each other and then use a stand-alone screen panel to hide them. Use caution if you have children and there’s a chance of any boxes falling on them.
9) Some people have RVs, trailers, or boats that have empty compartments, especially when not in use.
10) A shed or storage room with a good lock on it.
11) Purchase a few hang-up vinyl shoe organizers that have pockets. Good for smaller items.
12) I’ve even heard of some people taping food packets together to form a flat pad. Then, they put them between or under their bed mattresses.

If you’ve exhausted all possibilities, you might need to expand your horizons and look for storage solutions beyond your immediate place.  Consider a close friend, a trusted neighbor, or a relative that might help you out. However, accessibility to your possessions might not be as easy as if they were in your own home or apartment.  Remember, if there is a will, there is a way!
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