hamwiches_in_foilHamwiches are delicious and easy to make.  Every time we make them for family or friends, they’re a big hit! At home, we put them on the grill but if camping, lay on hot coals, not over a flame. Turn frequently for 3-5 minutes cooking time. Time may vary.

For 1 serving (multiply for each person you’ll be serving.)
1 whole wheat bun or thin sandwich buns
1 hearty slice of ham (can use Turkey Ham, Spam or your favorite deli meat: chicken, turkey, roast beef, etc.)
1 dill pickle spear or several pickle slices
1 slice favorite cheese (I usually use American or Pepper Jack)
Mustard (golden brown or regular)

Spread mustard on both halves of bun and then assemble hamwich from bottom up: bottom half of bun, ham, pickle, and top with cheese slice and top half of bun. Wrap in heavy-duty foil and follow above directions in intro. Serve with a salad (fruit, potato, or macaroni), baked beans and chips.

NOTE: All recipes on this site are included because they are easy to make and most ingredients are readily available. If times get really bad, with a little imagination, all these recipes can be varied using ingredients you may have on hand. If you’re really roughing it and don’t have the convenience of refrigeration, you can use canned meat and cucumber from your garden. I hesitate saying this, but you could even use jarred cheese. Hey, we’re talking emergency here!



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