It’s Not Just Natural Disasters

Prepping isn’t just for natural disasters but also man-made catastrophes or other unforeseen life-changing events.

  • What if there is an accident and you face long-term disability?
  • Do you live near a major highway or railroad line? Chemical spills that call for an evacuation are often in the news.
  • Wcivil_unresthat about a nuclear or chemical plant that could leak dangerous radiation or fumes into the air or water supply? Do you know the hot spots in your state? More than likely, they’re there and most people don’t even know where they are.
  • How about riots and civil unrest? “Coming to a city near you!”
  • How about a pandemic or several pandemics all at once? Air travel has made this one a real possibility.
  • What if you lose your job or experience a tragedy that leads to death? What have you done to provide for your family? Have you met their immediate needs?

As I’ve said earlier, I am not a doom and gloom “Prepper” but these are all realities to some people. And, they could become your reality some day, too. If you love your family, then you’ll want to make sure they are well-taken care of should anything happen to you. Don’t wait thinking you have plenty of time. Begin today!
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