Power Tip #5 – Plan Ahead

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image5620935Talk to your family NOW should anything happen and communications are cut off later on. Decide on a meeting place if that is possible and educate yourselves on back-up ways to communicate, such as shortwave radios, ham radios, or long distant walkie-talkies. Chances are you won’t find walkie-talkies that will go the distance you need, but as in our family, one of our sons lives at the half way point to our other son and can relay messages to his brother. Also, consider a relative or friend that would be willing to be “call-central” if phones still work but family members are displaced. Everyone in your family would know to call this person to get updates and make sure all are okay. If you have college kids, for instance, that are away from home, set up a place in advance that they can go to where they will be safe.

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