VIEWPOINT: Bug-out Locations

cabinI’ve been thinking a lot about Bug-out-locations and their necessity. I’ve decided, it depends on where you live now. Apartment or house? Small town or big city? If you live in the heart of a city, it might be good to have another designated place to go to should rioting or civil unrest break out. The farther out you go from the city, I understand, the better. However, don’t believe that any place is 100% safe, even in remote areas if things get too bad. Many people choose bug-out-locations (like a remote cabin) because they can be self-sufficient. They look for a place where they can raise animals, grow their own food, and are near a water source. Generally, it’s a comfortable, secure place that can hold long-term supplies. Bug-out-locations are a good idea but not everyone has the luxury of such a place unless they move in with a relative or friend. Instead, look at where you live now on how you can fortify it, help your neighbors, and ready yourself for whatever might come.


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