Power Tip #8 – Know Your Stuff!

prepare2This is huge! Okay, you purchased a generator and a family-size tent, put together a complete first aid kit, and even got your first firearm. Now what? Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to use your gear. Learn how it all works before you actually need it. Let me repeat that – learn how to use your equipment BEFORE a disaster hits so you’ll be prepared when it comes. There may be no time to read the owner’s manual on your new tent when you’re forced to quickly bug-out OR gather your family into a dark, safe room of the house and try to figure out that super-fancy flashlight/radio you just bought. The kids are scared and crying and you’re fumbling around to bring some light into a dark situation. These are miniscule scenarios to other more serious ones but it’s just a good reminder to BE PREPARED – in every possible way!


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