Power Tip #10 – Keep It Simple

TipOfTheDayPrepping shouldn’t be all that complicated. Yes, it’s important to plan ahead and acquire all the things you need to survive for a period of time, but many have the tendency to do more or buy more than they need to. Acquire knowledge and be thorough in your preparations, but keep it simple. For example:

1) How many different kinds of cereal do you really need? Focus on just 2-3 of your favorites and prepare them for long-term storage. Remember the benefits and versatility of oatmeal. It might be good to include it as your #1 choice of cereal. Be selective about all your food items: delicious, healthy, and convenient. Limit the choices, but choose what appeals to you and is easy to prepare. Also, include good sources of protein.

2) Don’t think you have to build up your supply with every brand or kind of shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, and other personal items. Decide on one of each kind and go from there. We’re talking survival here – not your normal routine! Look for discounts or buy at the dollar store or in bulk at a warehouse. You don’t have to buy the best. You just want a good supply to meet your needs.

3) As tempting as it might be for some, you don’t have to pack your “to-go bags” with “everything but the kitchen sink.” Determine your imminent needs and pack only those things that you absolutely can’t live without for the next 72 hours.

The list goes on. Be thorough in your preparations, but don’t overdo it. Instead, be sensible as you select your prepper items and prepare your survival lists. Your focus is to stay alive not be burdened down with non-essentials. Only you can determine what those are.



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