The movie, The Day After Tomorrow, was released in 2004. It’s a fictional account of a father and son (along with others) surviving an unbelievable ice storm, primarily “on location” in New York City. While watching the movie, I picked up on a survival tip that totally makes sense.

popup_tentAt one point in the movie, the climatologist father (played by Dennis Quaid) and his assistant sought shelter inside a commercial building. Everything around them was literally freezing, including the building and walls. But they stayed warm by sleeping in a tent (and wearing winter garb) INSIDE the facility!

It got me thinking … if we had to go through nights without any electricity or heating, would we really be prepared to stay warm? Even the inside of a house can get pretty darn cold. (To get a good night’s sleep, you can endure only so much cuddle time – especially with kids – and so many blankets.) There may come a time when the power grid goes down and you decide to bug-in, that you wish you had this one extra “necessity”. If stored properly, pop-up tents don’t take up much space. Plus, you can “grab & go” if you need to suddenly bug-out.

Besides sporting goods stores, check out yard sales or Craig’s List for used but in good shape tents. I checked online and found new POP-UP TENTS for as low as $20 to upwards of a few hundred dollars. There’s even a “Fairy Pop-up Tent” for little girls and other similar tents for kids in general. The key: get a pop-up tent – one that doesn’t require stakes or guide lines. And, look for one designed for cold weather as opposed to a light-weight for summertime use. Remember to buy one big enough to accommodate the number of people that will be using it (or buy two or more for larger families) including sleeping bags, pads, and anything else you might need to help with a sound slumber.

Four other great uses for having an indoor tent:
1. Should you need to “bug-out” to an unfamiliar location, such as a cabin or abandoned dwelling, an indoor tent could potentially keep out any unwanted visitors in the night. Bugs and snakes come to mind.

2. Thinking back to some colossal natural disasters in past years, many people were displaced to shelters, sports centers, or other public facilities. A pop-up tent would provide some privacy and a place to contain your belongings. Obviously, it wouldn’t be 100% secure, but your possessions would be “out of sight, hopefully out of mind.”

3. A pop-up tent could become a sick bay; a place where an adult or child could stay in quarantine until better. Include items (blankets, pillows, etc.) that will comfort the patient and can be easily cleaned. Depending on the illness, have a plan to disinfect after the person is well.

4. A tent could come in handy as a great distraction for little kids. It can become a club house or a fort, or just a great place to read books, play quiet games, or put together puzzles. For teens or pre-teens, it could become a welcome escape from the pressures of life. Better yet, a tent can become a quiet retreat for mom! In this case, fill with lots of chocolate, favorite “go-to” beverage, music, and a good book! Enjoy!


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  1. Terry in Minnesota September 4, 2015 at 8:41 am #

    In all my reading and research, this is the first time I saw this idea. It’s excellent!

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