Mix It Up!

Far too often, I tend to think in only one direction, like there’s only one way to do something. Such as a Go-Bag.  To me, a pack needs everything from A-Z, nothing less – nothing more.  When there’s too many items in a bag, the pack’s too heavy to carry. Too few items and your pack isn’t complete in emergencies.

hisherbagsRecently, I was talking to my DIL and she shared that they were putting together their Go-Bags and decided to have “his & her” bags. They include all the items they would need for one bag, but divided up the items between two packs. Their kids have their own, but by dividing up the items in their packs, they are able to carry a bit more and still have each pack weigh less. When they hike, they hike together. When they take trips, they travel together. It certainly would be cheaper than buying double of everything. Downside: it wouldn’t work if you want to keep a pack in each car (assuming you have two or more cars.)   However, there is merit in their thought process.

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