Ladies’ Weapon of Choice!

pepper-sprayActually, anyone can use this idea, but I’m sharing it especially with ladies who might not have been trained in firearms, let alone ever held a gun or rifle before and never want to. Lately, many of you may have heard that BEAR SPRAY is the weapon of choice for women but educate yourself about the difference between using pepper spray vs. bear spray.

First, PEPPER SPRAY.  The active ingredient in pepper spray is the same chemical in chili peppers (oleoresin capsicum) that gives the recipient a strong sting and other irritating effects. It can cause intense burning pain, swelling of the eyelids, excess tearing, temporary blindness and difficulty breathing, often lasting longer than 20 minutes. It is extremely effective, but you better be sure the spray is moving away from you and you’re not downwind. Otherwise, you could become the “recipient of hurt” and your perpetrator could score big. And, if you are in close proximity to the person you just sprayed, move away quickly.

From my research, BEAR SPRAY also contains oleoresin but in much smaller amounts. It’s not deadly, but “could maybe” possibly stop someone in their tracks and moderately debilitate them. And, because of it’s longer spray range (about 20 feet) you can take action while an attacker is still far off. (Aim for the face!) Still, bear spray just doesn’t pack the same debilitating punch as pepper spray, and it is typically more expensive than pepper spray. Also, it’s harder to carry with you at all times because of its size. Pepper spray is small, easy to use, and much stronger.

Obviously, the choice is yours, but I plan to buy a good pepper spray and leave the bear spray for the bears! Both sprays work on other attacking animals, such as dogs, but it comes down to a matter of personal preference and convenience. bear

NOTE: If you are in bear country, bear spray will definitely be a good buy! Come to think of it, considering the influx of bears coming down from the mountains and into our cities, you might want to have both on hand! We don’t want to harm a bear, just slow it down so the proper authorities can come get it. There are specific steps when confronted with a bear, so check this site out: Self Defense Ninja. (Don’t you love the name?) Quite possibly, the best advice on this website is to remember to carry your bear spray  at all times (in bear country) and make sure it’s easily accessible. Then, PRACTICE using your bear spray (as we have strongly suggested for all survival purchases) to get comfortable with it. “When you encounter a charging bear, you won’t have much time to fumble around firing your bear spray.” Pepper Spray is no different. Respect its power and learn to use it correctly. You or your family do not want to be positioned downwind!

If you want to learn more about different pepper sprays for self defense, check out this informative review article or Google other sites to be better informed. Also, check out the laws for your community. I’ve heard pepper spray is legal in all 50 states, but please check it out for yourself.

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