Power Tip #13 – Clear the Area

rock_yardNot quite sure how this thought came to me but since there is a high probability that when everything hits the fan there will be total bedlam and unrest in the streets. No neighborhood will be safe (city and suburbs) as more and more people get desperate in their pursuit for food and other necessities. It’s a guarantee that it’s going to happen.  I can guess your first thought is, “I’m armed. Let them try.” That sends chills up my spine, but I also know it might be necessary if someone came against your family/children. It’s a good chance that the aggressor was a law-abiding citizen, him or herself, before the chaos began and with a family of his or her own.  Hunger will drive most anyone to do things they had never done before or even thought they would ever do.

Before incorporating extreme tactics, look at two ideas that you can do first to help your cause.

  1. Take a hard look around your property. Remove anything and everything that can be used as a projectile to break windows. (Good luck if you have a yard full of rocks.)
  2. Keep a large roll of duct tape (or multiple rolls) handy. Tape up your ground level windows in a crisscross pattern. This will help prevent the glass from breaking through and through. Have skylights? Cover these as well.

These are really basic ideas, but what could it hurt? Let’s face it, if someone wants to get into your house, they will find a way. But, it’s a start. So, what is the very best thing you can do in every situation? PRAYER and ACTION! Just “doing something” does a lot toward finding solutions and lessen anxiety. Both prayer and action will serve you well!

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