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September is National Preparedness Month!

The time to plan for the next disaster is TODAY!

It’s hard to miss the recent news accounts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Just think of all the measures the people of Houston and Florida had to go through to potentially safeguard their safety and security when the hurricanes hit. They waited in long lines for food and water (with many grocery stores running out of both), and gas for their vehicles. I’ve always stressed the importance of having enough food and water stored in your home. Even if it turns out there is no disaster, the food and water will not go to waste. (At some point, though, I need to share the best way to store these items. Canned foods have been known to become contaminated with contaminated water or sewage. It doesn’t seem possible, but it’s happened!) And gas for your car? It’s always prudent to keep your car at least half full all the time, especially in seasons of hurricanes and other acts of nature. At least, it might get you to the next town (or further) and get to a gas station that hasn’t been hit with long lines. In reality, this principle would also include riots, civil unrest, takeovers, and other “acts of man” when you need to leave quickly.

Let’s face it, the smartest people were the ones who listened to government officials and evacuated! There are no guarantees that a hurricane (or tornado or other natural disaster) is going to continue in a certain direction or stay at the same velocity. So why take a chance ESPECIALLY if you have children? Your children depend on you to make the wisest decisions (even if they don’t know it yet) for their safe-keeping. They are the true victims if anything bad happens because of the choices made for them. They inadvertently trust the very ones who say they love them the most and yet put their lives in potential danger. So for evacuations, always have a “go-bag” ready at all times – at home and in your car. Don’t forget to have an evacuation plan and communicate it with family, friends, and neighbors.

“Go-bags” are not just for evacuations, but if you’re stuck in a snow storm or road accident, or made a wrong turn and ended up in “no man’s land”. They are for ANYTIME you need to leave quickly from home or office in case of emergency or for reasons that you’re already out and can’t get back home.

Continue reading this blog and you’ll find out what goes into a “go-bag” plus other very important safety tips and “must read” articles to stay safe! As I’ve stressed many times, keep practicing these simple preparedness tips so they become habit. Some day, you just might be glad you did.



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