road_daisiesHello, ladies! Thanks for dropping by my website. My name is Cinda and my husband and I live in beautiful Colorado. We have two awesome sons, adoring daughters-in-love, and five amazing grandkids (ages 3-9.) We could easily be your neighbor, sit next to you in church, or pass you by on the street. And recently, we’ve become suburban “Preppers!”

It’s hard to deny that we live in a crazy-scary world. Most of us only hear about it through the media. However, there’s a good chance (and only a matter of time) before all of us are directly affected. Just look at the headlines. We’ve seen eastern states from north to south in a serious deep freeze while parts of California in extreme drought. Ebola and measles are a reality; horrific evil forces around the world are growing in numbers; and the threat of EMPs, civil unrest, colossal natural disasters, and financial collapse (to name a few) are an ever-present concern to scientists and other world-wide experts.

No doubt about it, there’s a certain rumbling and uneasiness that’s growing in intensity. It’s time for us to wake up because at any given moment, we could be center stage in the performance of a lifetime! Until then, let’s create a safe, nurturing environment for ourselves and our families. We want to make sure our needs are met (to the best of our abilities) and bless others in the community who may need our help, too.

Of course, what you do with the information on this website is up to you. Information by itself does little if not put into practice! Seriously, what do you have to lose? Absolutely nothing! As for us, we’re having fun readying ourselves for the unknown. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to bury some money at the bottom of a potted plant at my friend’s house!cindacharica



P.S. By the way, the information on this website is personal in nature. We do not represent any company or product, nor do we recommend one over another. We’re just sharing what we’ve chosen for our particular lifestyle in preparing for the inevitable.  Likewise, there are many methods for doing something. What we do may or may not be something that will work for you. However, I will try to include links to other websites to show alternative ways to prepping.  This is OUR personal journey and hope, in some way, to encourage you on your own journey.