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Don’t Throw That Away!

First, find yourself a tall, clean garbage can, hamper (old or new), or other container big enough to hold a lot of worn-out towels, sheets, t-shirts, pillowcases, etc. Instead of throwing them away, recycle them! I’ve been building up a supply for probably over 25 years in an old hamper that belonged to my grandma and I’ve actually used them for […]

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Power Tip #4 – Check it Off!

Always keep your vehicle(s) maintained at all times. Regularly check the oil, tires, brakes … anything and everything that should be at peak performance all the time anyway. If your car has a full tank of gas but breaks down because you haven’t maintained it, you’ve missed the point for a safe and speedy evacuation. It’s all about […]

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Bags of Hope

Better known as Care (or Blessing) Packages, these packs can serve multiple purposes in survival situations, and can come in different sizes and containers. But, let’s keep it simple here. Simple supplies in a simple self-closing gallon-sized bag. Most, if not all, items can be purchased at a Dollar Store, making the cost minimal. The top three reasons […]

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