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Power Tip #10 – Keep It Simple

Prepping shouldn’t be all that complicated. Yes, it’s important to plan ahead and acquire all the things you need to survive for a period of time, but many have the tendency to do more or buy more than they need to. Acquire knowledge and be thorough in your preparations, but keep it simple. For example: […]

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Power Tip #9 – ICE

Just heard this great idea … Right now, put ICE in your phone’s contact list. This stands for “In Case of Emergency” and will be so helpful to emergency responders or emergency room attendees. They have been trained to look for this information.  Once you’ve put ICE in as a contact, type in (on the […]

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Power Tip #8 – Know Your Stuff!

This is huge! Okay, you purchased a generator and a family-size tent, put together a complete first aid kit, and even got your first firearm. Now what? Don’t wait until there’s an emergency to use your gear. Learn how it all works before you actually need it. Let me repeat that – learn how to use your equipment BEFORE a disaster hits so […]

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Power Tip #7 – Gas Tank Wisdom

Never let your gas tank get below half full. If there is an evacuation and you have to get out of town quickly, being short on gas could spell disaster. We’ve seen it before, especially in the winter or hurricane season. Sometimes, even in the best of times, we’ve seen the lines at the gas pumps long and […]

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Power Tip #6 – Know & Be Known!

Get to know your neighbors and build a good relationship with them. Okay, this may be hard for some, but when bad times hit, you may wish you had taken the time to get to know the people around you better. You don’t have to be best of friends, but have a friendship that will help each […]

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Power Tip #5 – Plan Ahead

Talk to your family NOW should anything happen and communications are cut off later on. Decide on a meeting place if that is possible and educate yourselves on back-up ways to communicate, such as shortwave radios, ham radios, or long distant walkie-talkies. Chances are you won’t find walkie-talkies that will go the distance you need, but as in […]

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Power Tip #4 – Check it Off!

Always keep your vehicle(s) maintained at all times. Regularly check the oil, tires, brakes … anything and everything that should be at peak performance all the time anyway. If your car has a full tank of gas but breaks down because you haven’t maintained it, you’ve missed the point for a safe and speedy evacuation. It’s all about […]

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Power Tip #3 – Gettin’ Out of Dodge

Establish an escape route should a disaster come quickly. Would you head North? South? East? or West? Consider a route for each of these directions and where you hope to end up. Of course, a lot depends on where the inclement weather or disaster is coming from. Planning a route (or routes) might sound totally unnecessary but it could save […]

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Power Tip #2 – Life or Death

Keep up with your family’s IMMUNIZATIONS, including YOURS! Yes, adults need immunizations, too, not just children. If it’s been a while since you got a tetanus booster (usually necessary every 10 years) you might want to get one to prevent lock jaw. Lock jaw can occur when you get a cut or other wound. The bacteria is commonly present […]

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Power Tip #1 – Begin NOW!

Scientists AND students of Bible prophecy are both surprisingly in agreement that we are headed for some catastrophic events like the world has never seen before and they’re coming sooner than we could have ever imagined. It’s important to be prudent at all times and ready for any situation. All the suggestions below are good to practice even […]

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